Get to know Namibia’s Desert!

When I started researching about Namibia and realized that this is the country that hosts this stunning place called DeadVlei located in the Sossusvlei region, I got really obsessed about going there.

I had only 4 free days in my Africa’s itinerary which I could fit Namibia’s desert into it, and with the help of Chameleon Safaris I managed to make it happen as they have many tour options including a 3 day express tour to Sossusvlei, which is the one I took and I am telling you all about it in my blog post on

DAY 1 – From Swakopmund to Sesriem (Desert Camp)  
  The tour leaves from A La Mer Hotel in Swakopmund, a city with German colonial architecture located on the coast of Namibia. The closest airport is 40 minutes away in Walvis Bay (WVB Airport) and you need to get there on the day before the tour begins.
You will spend pretty much the whole day in the bus, stopping only for a few minutes at some cool places for pictures such as the Tropic of Capricorn Sign, Soltaire (a small desert town with gas station, bakery, shop…) and other places on the way where you can see aloe trees.

DAY 2 – Sossusvlei
Besides DeadVlei, you will also see many great views of the desert dunes, including the famous Dune 45 which you can climb it up or just walk around.
The tour returns to the camp and later you will take a 15 minutes bus ride to visit Sesriem Canyon.

DAY 3 – Windhoek
The bus heads to Soltaire in the morning. From there you will go to the N/a’an ku sê Wildlife Sanctuary to see the rescued cheetahs and then to Windhoek, which is the capital of Namibia and is where the tour ends.

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3 Days Namib Desert Tour


Elaine Villatoro